Since our founding in 2007, we’ve been privileged to work with some of the greatest brands in the world.

Below are just a few:

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Case Studies

woman driving in car


A major automotive client was interested in designing a new vehicle specifically for the Gen Y audience, which, in the past, had shunned their cars for both styling and functionality reasons. As a result of an Innovation Workshop that included exercises around concept design, a “metaphorical” scavenger hunt, competitive ride and drives, and other group stimuli, we delivered several hundred ideas, of which many were breakthrough. The result was the design and production of 2 models that specifically targeted Gen Y consumers. In the end, both models met the dual objectives of connecting with Gen Y consumers by fulfilling their needs for styling and functionality, and, as important, that the company’s first year unit sales and revenue targets were met.

man in hotel lobby


A global hotel client was undertaking an exhaustive process to create meaningful and differentiated brand standards for 2 of its leading luxury brands. We held an Innovation Workshop with a cross-functional team and utilized a range of interactive exercises that focused on pre, during and post stay services and amenities. With almost 200 ideas generated, including many that were unique and clearly breakthrough, over a dozen were built-out and implemented at both brands, and some were even adapted for several of their 3 and 4 star brands.

family shopping

Consumer Packaged Goods

Our client, a global consumer packaged goods company, wanted to reinforce its support to key retailers nationally with new and innovative ideas that would drive growth of its products. An Innovation Workshop was designed to stimulate a wide range of actionable ideas that would pique retailer interest, create consumer demand, and ensure activation at the supermarket level. The Workshop utilized distinct idea generation exercises, an engaging voting process, and the build-out of the best ideas to expedite implementation at store level. As a consequence of the output from the Innovation Workshop, the client’s products received increased store aisle presence, optimal shelf space visibility, and widespread promotional support wherein both the stores and our client exceeded their projected growth targets.

people eating in restaurant


Given the current restaurant landscape and the fierce competition for consumers, this client was desperate to build a 12-month promotional calendar that would help grow its dinner daypart, including in-store, take-out and delivery. The ideas that were to be generated had to be new, differentiating, consistent with the company’s brand equities and could be implemented within a short timeframe. A team of executives with a variety of backgrounds, skill-sets and rank were selected to participate in an online Innovation Workshop. A series of exercises were designed to provide a mix of visual and analogical stimulation for idea generation. In addition, through an online application, we enabled franchisees to also contribute their ideas into the mix remotely. The results were rich with innovative ideas of which many were not only new to the client’s company and its franchise network, but new to the restaurant industry, and are contributing to record systemwide dinner traffic and sales.

Our clients can attest to the value that we deliver as Innovation Workshop specialists.

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