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Innovation Workshops

Our cutting-edge Innovation Workshops cleverly adapt to meet a multitude of business needs and objectives. Everything is designed to generate a wide range of bold and innovative ideas on any number of issues, and many ideas are quickly actionable, too. Plus, we work in virtual, in-person, or hybrid formats. It’s the right tool to help you make the right decisions for your company.

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Harnessing the Power of AI Through Stakeholder Engagement

Using AI, we’ve found it to be an invaluable tool with its ability to augment the generation of topflight ideas, uncover hidden opportunities, and surface creative solutions.  Whether tapping into diverse data sources or revealing historical insights, AI is breaking new ground.  As a result, we’ve made AI our trusted co-pilot.

However, what is key to getting the most out of AI is to create an immersive environment wherein internal stakeholders become collaborators with AI. Then, as a next step, we ensure that these stakeholders are actively engaged and motivated to take ownership of their AI co-developed ideas so that they have the opportunity to gain traction and win support, with an eye towards further development, refinement and ultimately, market uptake.

So, whether it’s new product concepts and service offerings, improving the customer experience, or devising groundbreaking business solutions, our clients benefit from the advantages of AI to illuminate their path to innovation success.

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Qualitative Research

Our focus groups and ethnographies, whether in-person or online, utilize a mix of proprietary exercises that we have created and refined over our 14-year history and adapt for every new project.  Along with the exercises, we incorporate probing follow-up discussion wherein participants are encouraged to elicit frank and unvarnished viewpoints and reactions, as opposed to forced and overly analytical responses. In addition, we include work sessions where we cooperatively generate key insights with the client to ensure alignment on important takeaways along with recommended action-steps.

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Momentum Sessions

Momentum Sessions are designed to help clients take the findings from completed strategic quantitative research (e.g., segmentation, brand equity studies) and kick-start the utilization of that research by key internal stakeholders. Over the years, we have conducted close to a hundred Momentum Sessions and clients consistently see the immediate benefits that they deliver.

Our experience extends to areas that enables us to leverage our skills as Innovation Workshop specialists.

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