Top 10 Innovations of 2023

As an innovations services firm, we understand how crucial innovation is to companies because it fosters growth, enables adaptation to changes in the marketplace, and drives competitiveness. As a result, each year I-8ighty6ix scans the internet to identify the many innovations that have been created and appear to be market bound, to determine those that we believe will have significant impact. The criteria we use to evaluate these top innovations include: 

  • Does it address an unmet need?
  • Is it a breakthrough innovation in that it will shake-up and may even replace the existing category leader?
  • Does it have the potential for significant monetization? 

Below are what we consider the Top 10 innovations of 2023.


In 2023, ChatGPT generated incredible buzz by offering a free, user-friendly interface that encouraged trial and ongoing usage. It has the ability to generate responses like humans in real-time, can give answers to questions in a conversational tone and can produce stories, essays, and poems.

humane ai pin
Wouldn’t it nice if you could get alerts and messages without having to open and look at your phone or watch. Now, there’s a screen-free, AI-powered assistant that attaches magnetically to your clothes and let’s you do everything from ask questions to make calls and send texts, all using your voice. Plus, it has a built-in camera and projector that beams visuals straight into the palm of your hand.
lv sphere image
Tourists expect new and more exciting forms of entertainment whenever they visit Las Vegas. There’s never been anything like this – an 18,600-seat auditorium with immersive video and sound, and a 160,000-sq ft curved screen accompanied by 4D physical effects. Housed in a 366-ft tall exterior LED spherical screen, it can be made to look like a ball or a planet, or anything else, and it’s the biggest on earth.
alitheon chip
Ever buy something and question whether it’s authentic or counterfeit? Now, there’s Feature Print, an optical AI technology, that can tell whether an item is fake or genuine with a click of a button.
Since a cane is with a disabled person all the time, what can it do beyond just providing walking support? Now, there’s an AI-powered smart cane with fall detection, activity tracking, GPS location, a flashlight, and emergency-calling features.
Instead of taking your laptop with you when away from your desk, put on a pair of lightweight glasses to see a 100-inch virtual screen wherever you are, and control the computer with a wireless keyboard and trackpad.
heinz remix
Do you like personalizing the sauce that you put on that hot dog at the stadium. Now, there’s the Heinz Remix that allows you to select one of 4 bases – ketchup, ranch, BBQ or Heinz 57 – add spices to its flavor, and customize it to your taste.
Have you always wanted your favorite cocktail that you order at your restaurant available at home. Now there’s Bartesian, a cocktail-making machine small enough to sit on your kitchen counter that can hold 4 types of spirits and make up to 60 different drink recipes.
w p
Now, there’s a more environment-friendly way to seal and store food. New Reusable Stretch Wrap help cuts kitchen waste with this new silicone reusable wrap that’s safe to put in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.
It’s tricky to keep track of your furry friends at home – when they’re in the house or outside. This new motorized pet door with its app, let’s you decide what pets can enter and exit and when, while it simultaneously blocks neighborhood critters and non-pets from entering.

We hope that you enjoyed seeing our picks for 2023. If you have thoughts about the innovations listed and want to share them, please post them on Linkedin or send us an email at

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